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[xsl] SASS and RWD

Subject: [xsl] SASS and RWD
From: Lincoln Mitchell <lincolnmitchell@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 11:09:27 +0800

Hi all,

Is there any CSS generating XSL templates out there similar to or more
powerful than Sass(SCSS) or LESS?
These presentation technologies seem to be all the rage this days.

In addition they are used as part of responsive web design (RWD) front-end
frameworks like: Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundations.
So, I am also keen on RWD oriented XSLT front-end framework.

XLST for frontEnd?
If not, it appears to me and with dismay, that XSLT continually misses
getting taken up as a main stream presentation layer technology.
I surmise that XSLT is too verbose and difficult to learn for front-end
designers. Who are increasingly moving away from total photoshop and
illustrator mockups and instead deliver designs in code.
Every time I ask the younger front-end developers if there heard of XSLT
they simply stare at me blankly.
Maybe one day XSLT will have its day in the front end sun but and maybe I
simply unaware of any moves to get it there.

Any feedback appreciated

Kind regards,

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