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[xsl] How to make auto row-spanned table

Subject: [xsl] How to make auto row-spanned table
From: Toshihiko Makita <tmakita@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 01:29:50 +0900

Hi list,

I'm making a stylesheet that converts DITA documents to XSL-FO. Usually a table is authored with entry/@morerows attribute. But some table has no @morerows attribute. My challenge is to generate row-spanned table from this table automatically by stylesheet.

For your reference I uploaded sample PDF to Yahoo! Box.


(To download the PDF, click "cc&c3c-c<c " button.)

The first table is input table. It has no @morerows attribute. The second result table is desired output. The first column and second column and third column has row spans.

Can someone give me an advice about how to implement this?


Toshihiko Makita

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