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[xsl] document function cached?

Subject: [xsl] document function cached?
From: Michel Hendriksen <michel.hendriksen@xxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 17:34:10 +0100

Hi list,

I have a case where I call an external service to provide me with some
unique number. Every time I call the service I want a different

The call looks like this:

<nbn><xsl:value-of select="document($nbn-service)/nbn-set/nbn[1]"/></nbn>

But everytime I  use this I get the same number and my server doesn't
show multiple calls. I can see multiple calls taking place in the

So I wonder, is this call cached? And if so, how can I disable caching
on this call?


Michel Hendriksen

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