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Re: [xsl] things about grouping

Subject: Re: [xsl] things about grouping
From: Ihe Onwuka <ihe.onwuka@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 06:29:21 +0000

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 12:29 PM, Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If there had been a discussion I guess it would have been between those who wanted to
> use the language of mathematics and those who wanted something closer to
> English; there is no knowing which view would have prevailed, because
> committees don't apply a consistent policy on such issues, they decide each
> question on its merits. As it is, the English conjunction was chosen over
> the mathematical set operator.

Unfortunately they ended up applying the "English" syntax  to the
mathematical semantic.

> (b) the context for evaluation. I have some sympathy with you here because
> there are many cases in XQuery where I expect the context to change and it
> doesn't. Most notably, I often (after years of practice) make the error of
> writing "for $x in E return @a" (where it should be $x/@a). Similarly a
> "where" clause in XQuery doesn't change the context.

Oh goodie - I can slip this in without having to start a new thread.

Why do I have to write

for $i in (1 to n)  return "$1"

instead of

(1 to n)/"$1!

where n above is an expression that evaluates to an intger.

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