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Re: [xsl] XPath element constructor

Subject: Re: [xsl] XPath element constructor
From: Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 23:28:45 +0100

This relates to two of the distinguishing characteristics of XSLT, which are closely related:

(a) it's a two-language system: XPath is embedded in XSLT, and as such the combination isn't fully orthogonal (the embedding only works one way; to invoke XSLT logic from XPath you have to go via functions or variables)

(b) XSLT is an XML vocabulary, which means it can't play the kind of games that XQuery plays, for example by allowing elements to be nested within attributes.

These characteristics of XSLT of course have significant benefits, which are presumably familiar to regulars on this list, but they also have drawbacks.

Michael Kay

On 28/08/2012 21:55, Jakub Mal} wrote:
lets say, that somewhere in an XSLT context, I want to do this:

<xsl:sequence select="<my-cool-element>foo</m-cool-element>" />

But that is too insane, so I rewrite it like this:

<xsl:sequence select="element my-cool-element { 'foo' }" />

Only if constructors were supported in XPath.
But I CAN create new nodes in XSLT context!
So I end up with:

<xsl:function name="my:const-my-cool-element" as="element()">
<xsl:sequence select="my:const-my-cool-element()" />

Yay :(
There is no question, really.


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