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[xsl] Metadata Stamping

Subject: [xsl] Metadata Stamping
From: Vasu Chakkera <vasucv@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 17:43:45 +0100

Dear List..
This is a bit out of our context of XSLT. But I am hoping that there
will be people who are into publishing, who would have faced a similar
The following is my issue.

There are some documents that are Pre-XML stage and they are in
RTF/Word .. I have analysed and there is no way these can be changed
to XML and we have to live with it for the moment. It is a requirement
to somehow stamp in some metadata into the word documents, for example
stamp in a permanent Identifier for Sections within the Document.
THese Ids can be later used for cross referencing.. Is there anyone
who has come across a similar situation ? If yes, then how was it

Thanks in advance for any pointers you may give...


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