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[xsl] [ANN] Lightning Visualizations -- Show and Tell at Balisage 2012

Subject: [xsl] [ANN] Lightning Visualizations -- Show and Tell at Balisage 2012
From: Tommie Usdin <btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 11:36:18 -0400

Visualizations can be striking, fascinating, clever, and/or surprising.
Many of us in the "XML space" focus on words and numbers; but in our XML we
often have the raw material for fabulous charts, diagrams, or images.

Balisage 2012 provides a forum for us to share visualizations that relate, in
any way, to markup. All Balisage 2012 participants are invited to present in
the "Lightning Visulalization" session

The rules are simple:
 Show one visual (e.g., a diagram or chart) that speaks to you.
 Explain or describe the visual, what it conveys, or how it was created.
 Keep it short - maximum of three minutes.
The visual may be the presenters creation or something the presenter saw and
admired. The visuals should be related to markup or markup technologies in
some way; visualizations of markup will be welcome, as will compelling
diagrams driven by markup (e.g., SVG), and images useful in the understanding
or communication of markup-related concepts.

Start thinking about what you want to show!

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2012          mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxx
August 7-10, 2012                              http://www.balisage.net
Preconference Symposium on QA & QC in XML               August 6, 2012

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