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Re: [xsl] Getting the current document from an xsl:function

Subject: Re: [xsl] Getting the current document from an xsl:function
From: Abel Braaksma <abel.online@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 12:02:43 +0200

On 28-6-2012 11:46, Michael Kay wrote:
> But base-uri($node) doesn't return the base URI of the stylesheet, it
> returns the base URI of the specified node (which in common cases will
> be the the URI of the document containing that node).

My bad. I often run stylesheets against themselves for the sake of
convenience when I don't require an input document. I should've
mentioned that in my first post and obviously, it won't work the minute
I change this practice.

> To get the base URI of the current stylesheet module (or more
> strictly, the base URI of the current expression in the stylesheet),
> use the static-base-uri() function. (Different parts of a stylesheet
> module can have different base URIs if you use xml:base, or if parts
> of the stylesheet are contained in external entities).

I wasn't aware of the existence of that function (odd, considering we
implemented and tested it). But this looks like exactly what I needed.

> There's no way to determine the base URI of the "currently executing
> main stylesheet" unless you put a global variable in the principal
> stylesheet module and bind it to static-base-uri() (and avoid using
> xml:base or external entities, and ensure that the API via which the
> stylesheet is loaded actually preserves the URI information...)

A lot of buts, but a workaround that could work in trivial
circumstances, thanks.

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