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[xsl] Looking for an XSLT test/learning GUI

Subject: [xsl] Looking for an XSLT test/learning GUI
From: leegold <leegold@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 21:18:41 -0700


I'm looking for the following that will work on Linux.

AN XSLT tester. One window I paste the XML file, the other window I
paste an XSLT file, most likey a third window with the transformation
result. The thing I don't want is to have to save the files, I want to
just have the text pasted into GUI windows and then do the test

I've searched and see a website that does this for teaching purposes but
it's giving me "strange" results diffrent from an XML editor I have that
can do XSLT (on saved files)...so is there anything like I'm describing
above with an up to date XSL "engine"? Alsobetter if it's free and again
work in Linux.


Lee G.

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