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Re: [xsl] Writing stylesheets for Web and PDF output?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Writing stylesheets for Web and PDF output?
From: Philip Vallone <philip.vallone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2012 16:40:31 -0400

Hi Dan,

I am working in a similar environment, except we use 2 different sets of
stylesheets, but have many imported/included stylesheets shared across the
IETM and PDF. Like you, we have a S1000D input to publish a MIL-STD-40051
output. As you know the 40051 output covers a number of different Technical
Manuals (PDF output). We have over 15 Publication Modules which share over
1000 data modules. We use a "pipeline" approach like you do. We have been
doing this for 2 years with great success. Managing 2 sets of stylesheets for
2 completely different outputs is manageable. In fact, I prefer it this way.
But trying to great a single set of stylesheets to output 2 completely
different outputs (IETM or PDF) would be a nightmare to manage (IMO).


On May 26, 2012, at 4:05 PM, Dan Vint wrote:

> I have at least 3 environments that I need to keep consistent.
> 1) Arbortext editing environment
> 2) IETM output as HTML
> 3) 3rd party application that merges the data modules together into one XML
file that is then processed to make the PDF. Originally designed to be a
mil-spec manual output but typically now just used for review copies where the
requirement is to make it more like the IETM output.

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