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Re: [xsl] "Tunneling" a parameter in document order

Subject: Re: [xsl] "Tunneling" a parameter in document order
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 10:02:14 +0100

On 13/04/2012 09:31, Christian Roth wrote:
As for the basic requirement, I tried to describe it with: "Keeping a
global variable's value current while doing a depth-first traversal
of a document, where the variable's value is not scoped by either the
document's element hierarchy, nor the nesting of XSLT template

The normal way to achieve that is to arrange that each apply templates only selects one node at a time, traversing in that order, passing on a new value of the parameter when needed.

so given

don't do

<xsl:template match="*">
   ... <xsl:apply-templates/>

as that will do all three <b> branches essentially 9or perhaps really) in parallel so you can not pass information from branch to branch, only down the tree.


<xsl:template match="*">
... <xsl:apply-templates select="(*,ancestor-or-self::*[following-sibling::*][1]/following-sibling::*)[1]/>

as that will match elements in the order
so you can pass information using parameters down that order.


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