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[xsl] OT (?): Crosswalking Tools/Standards

Subject: [xsl] OT (?): Crosswalking Tools/Standards
From: Hugh Cayless <hcayless@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 14:52:11 -0400

This isn't really an XSL question, but since XSLT will certainly be part of the solution, I thought I'd ask: Some colleagues and I are contemplating a set of complex crosswalking tasks, in which we'd be going back and forth between a well-defined subset of TEI and one or more relational databases. Before we go and build yet another wheel, we were wondering whether the collective brain of the list knows of a) any standards for defining the mappings between (meta)data formats and b) tools for executing such crosswalks. A preliminary search around the internet hasn't turned up anything really on point, although I do plan to evaluate the usefulness of XProc for defining and executing the actual crosswalking steps.

I seems like the kind of thing someone would have created a standard for, but all we've been able to find are a collection of XSLTs and scripts, and we're wondering whether there's anything at a higher level of abstraction out there...

Thanks for any pointers you may have.

 * Hugh A. Cayless, Ph.D
 * Head, Research & Development Group
 * Carolina Digital Library and Archives
 * UNC Chapel Hill
 * hcayless@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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