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[xsl] rounding within the "format-number" function

Subject: [xsl] rounding within the "format-number" function
From: "Osheka, Susan" <SOsheka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 11:03:58 -0500

What I have noticed is that the XSL  "format-number" function  rounds to
the nearest even number, instead of the bigger one, as is usual and
would be expected.  According to one site, this is sometimes called
"banker's rounding."
Its purpose is to eliminate the slight bias that occurs when always
rounding upwards.
I am using XSLT 1.0.

For example :  9.2750 rounds up to 9.28, but 9.2850 rounds down to 9.28
9.2950 rounds up to 9.30, but 9.3050 rounds down to 9.30.

Here is the XSLT I am using:   <xsl:value-of

On our pages, we want to always round up to two decimal places, and I
don't want to lose the formatting. I would  want 9.2850 to round up to
9.29.   The solution that I have come up with is:

<xsl:value-of select='format-number( round(100*$number) div 100 ,
"##.00" )'

Do you have a better solution?? Is there anyway to globally change the
default rounding (banker's rounding) to always round up???

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