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Re: [xsl] Invalid characters

Subject: Re: [xsl] Invalid characters
From: Geert Josten <Geert.Josten@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 20:15:08 +0200

If your xml document contains an XML pi stating it should be UTF-8, you might try to change it to iso-8859-1 or Windows-1252 with any plain text editor that doesn't change the other characters. Notepad/Wordpad on Windows is not a good idea. Ultraedit or TextPad are..


Jonathan Marenus wrote:

When I run my XSL, I get an error related to invalid
characters in my XML.  Is there a simple way I can get
rid of these, since the file is very large and it
would take a while to go line by line?


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