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Re: [xsl] backtracking to find all parents till root[again]

Subject: Re: [xsl] backtracking to find all parents till root[again]
From: "Aron Bock" <aronbock@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 15:33:38 +0000

Rahil, I was using Value and SubConcept/@name to do the linking, and assuming parent appear earlier in document order than do progeny. It shouldn't be hard to change what I posted to use @idref, and to disregard node order, and I'm sure this is something you can do.

BTW, nice seq diagram; I would have liked it annotated w/ find criteria for completeness.



From: Rahil <qamar_rahil@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Oh I think I understood where the confusion is. Its not that Im trying to find the sibling of a <SubConcept>. Rather Im trying to trace the origins of a particular value found somewhere in the file. I do this in an alternating mode

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