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[xsl] Grouping immediate follow sibling

Subject: [xsl] Grouping immediate follow sibling
From: "Paul Clarke" <pclarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 12:44:35 -0000


I receive XML similar to that shown below:
	<ProgAbs>some text</ProgAbs>
	<ProgAbs>More text</ProgAbs>
	<ProgAbs>Even more</ProgAbs>
	<ProgAbs>some text</ProgAbs>
	<ProgAbs>More text</ProgAbs>
	<ProgAbs>Even more</ProgAbs>

I need to process it as follows:

	1. When I see a <p> containing 'title', output it in some way. (I
can do this part).

	2, Select only the immediately following <ProgAbs> sibling elements.
I.e. the 3 ProgAbs elements with content immediately following the <p>
element selected in 1 above.

Using 'following-sibling::ProgAbs' gives me all the siblings of that name,
as it should. I just need to know how to construct an expression to select
only those <ProgAbs> that follow on immendiately after the <p> element.

Paul Clarke 
RCP Solutions Ltd. 
Office: +44 1344 886 351 
Mobile: +44 7973 767 558

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