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RE: [xsl] XSL Newbie: How2 write transforms for variable XML

Subject: RE: [xsl] XSL Newbie: How2 write transforms for variable XML
From: davec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Dave Cramer)
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 12:53:13 -0500

At 04:16 AM 1/28/2005, it was written:
   allows rendering a input xml document to be rendered in
    multiple output media like print, browser, eBook etc.,

My apologies here. What I meant by eBook was formatting an XML document
into an eBook suitable for rendering on a palmtop or a eBookReader. Again,
this may not exist as of now but should be possible using XSL-FO.

If your eBook uses the Open eBook format, which is XML-based (it's HTMLish with provisions for uniform metadata and so forth), it might be considerably easier to go straight into it via XSLT than to use XSL-FO for this.

An XSL-FO browser could make a nice platform for reading e-text, but that's not where the eBook specifications seem to have gone --


(Of course that document is dated 2002: I don't know what's been happening more recently in this area or where vendors are going.)


I do quite a bit of eBook production, using XSL to transform XML files extracted from Quark documents into OEB format (HTML with extras, as Wendell says), and also into one of the Palm formats (XSL output is a text file). The OEB files can be converted into .LIT files for Microsoft Reader for PC using proprietary software from Overdrive. The Palm text files are converted into the final Palm ebook format with another proprietary program from Palm Digital Media (or whatever company bought it last).

Since we have Quark files, we create eBook PDFs directly from those without going through XML and XSL-FO.

Some people are trying to create an open-source eBook reader (www.openreader.org), based on OEB standards, to avoid the current nightmare of dozens of incompatible eBook formats and readers.

Dave Cramer

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