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RE: [xsl] Reusing XML content as I publish

Subject: RE: [xsl] Reusing XML content as I publish
From: "Nicola Harlow" <Nicola.Harlow@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 16:37:18 -0000


Thanks for your answer, but it's not quite what I need...

Basically I have a section of XML that creates a glossary. In the
glossary are glossaryitems.

The glossary already exists, the formatting is set.

What I want to do is pick up the text from one of the terms and reuse it
elsewhere in the document by referencing just the glossary item "name",
and getting the term and definition as part of a 'tooltip.'

So if the glossary entry is:
<glossaryitem name="Allocate">

            <term>Allocate Stuff</term>


              <para>Stuff about allocations</para>


And in the document (in another section completely)I write, 'You can
then Allocate resources' I want to be able to add a tag that will then
pick up the glossaryitem details without me having to retype it.

So I would write: 'You can then <glossarytt name="Allocate"
width="200">Allocate</glossarytt> resources'

When I publish to HTML, the glossarytt tag would request the specific
<glossaryitem> and pick up the <definition>, and format them into a

<a href="#" class="tooltip_Allocate">Allocate<span>Stuff about

The user would then see the text 'You can then Allocate resources' with
Allocate underlined. When they clicked on it they would get a
description of the term.

I can do the tooltips. I can do the glossary. What I can't get it to do
it locate a specific glossary item and then put the definition into the
right place.

Hope that helps...


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