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RE: [xsl] Need advice - Render HTML form with XSLT and

Subject: RE: [xsl] Need advice - Render HTML form with XSLT and
From: "Jim Neff" <jneff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:18:46 -0500

> I'm familiar with the 
> concept of pipeline'ing, or stringing together XSLT 
> tranformations, but don't really know how that could be used 
> to solve this problem.  

I don't think it will in your case because you need the final result to be
in one document.  We use the "pipeline'ing" technique when the second
document is depends on the transformation of the first one.

> Is our solution the best solution?

Have you considered using the document() function?  Maybe you could pass in
the XML via an ASP variable that prints the xml file name in the document
function as it builds the page?

We don't use XML with ASP yet but we will in a couple months so these are
questions that I've been pondering too.

Good luck,
Jim Neff

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