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[xsl] XSD+XSL to HTML form - using JSP/Servlet

Subject: [xsl] XSD+XSL to HTML form - using JSP/Servlet
From: Dakkar Daemor <dakkar@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 15:12:40 +0100


I'm new here...

I'm developing an application with Java (JSP and/or servlet)

I must generate an HTML form from a XML-Schema and use a given XSLT to
show it with a certain layout.

So, in short:

Input:  pippo.xsd  and pippol.xsl

Output: pippo.html (or anything that could be seen on a browser as a
normal HTML form).

Obviously I must add javascript field type control to validate the
form on the give XSD, before sending it... but it's another story.

I need all help that you can do, suggestions, tips. I'm a sort of
newbie with JSP and this kind of problem.

Note: Someone told me that I must validate both given files, but how
can I validate a XSD and/or a XSL, without a given XML file? I'm using

Software I'm using:
JDK, JRE 1.5, Xerces-J2, Xalan-J, Tomcat 5.5

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