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RE: [xsl] case-sensitivity in xml

Subject: RE: [xsl] case-sensitivity in xml
From: "Pawson, David" <David.Pawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 11:05:51 -0000

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    From: Michael Kay
    > What (in that query string) tells me that its case-unaware?
    >   OK, its English, I can infer that.
    >    Primary strength?

    The notion of the "strength" of a collation is explained in
    the Unicode Collation Algorithm.

 A collation defined with
    strength=primary considers two characters to be different
    only if they have a primary difference; a secondary
    difference (case) doesn't count. If you want to ignore
    accents but not case, specify strength=secondary.
Ah! Now it makes sense. Thanks Michael.
A bit subtle though!
Gives a list from
primary to identical,

(beware broken url) shows some testing.

    > Any references where I might look?

    The Unicode Collation Algorithm is a good place. Collation
    machinery based on this is now built into a number of
    software environments, such as Java, Oracle, the IBM ICU
    toolkit, the Windows platform, and so on. Note however that
    the XSLT/XPath specs don't restrict the choice of
    collations to those that conform to the UCA.

Eliots 2002 paper for Extreme
(google link is
ite_papers/botb-index-i18n.pdf+java+collation+machinery&hl=en  but google on
isogen papers for his site)

Uses xslt 1.0 and saxon, but explains the general approach though
not using this idea of strengths.

It would be nice to have an approach documented for unusual collations,
whatever form they take.

My googling hasn't found enough... yet.

I'll keep looking.

Thanks Michael.

regards DaveP


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