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[xsl] Quoting Quotes in a Stand Along Context

Subject: [xsl] Quoting Quotes in a Stand Along Context
From: Alan <alan-xsl-list@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 10:47:08 -0500

    I'm writing a utility that matches nodes in a document. For
    testing I'd like to simply print out a XPath statement that maps
    to the node in the document. I'd like to compare that against
    what I expect the output to be.

    I've got an XPath tracker in my SAX ContentHandler. It will
    print something like this:


    Which ought to work, but it's hard to read.

    I'd rather emit something like this:

    /element[position() = 1
             and local-name() = 'foo'
             and namespace-uri = 'http://agtrz.com/foo-doc']/text()[3]

    Easier to specify.

    But with no context to set a placeholder, I don't know how to
    escape single quotes in the unlikely event that one occurs in
    the namespace URI.

    How do you escape single quotes in pure XPath?

Alan Gutierrez - alan@xxxxxxxxx

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