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Re: [xsl] xpath notation - and operator

Subject: Re: [xsl] xpath notation - and operator
From: omprakash.v@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 12:41:08 +0530

     The logical operator 'and' should work just fine. You may however not
have your braces properly nested.

If  you are checking the value of count against something, then you haven't
got that in your code right now.
You may also use braces to group your expressions just for eg. ( a < b ) or
( c > d ) etc.


                    Hanel"               To:
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and operator

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I want to count the following-sibling nodes "pers_data" in an xml file,
which have two elements given by variables; the categories change also,
therefore they are also given as variables.
for example: all pers_data nodes, which have the division "Innenausbau" and
the group "group1"

$category] = $element and *[name()= $category_before] = $element_before])">

I am not shore that the and operator has the rigth notation. Can anyone
my an help to solve the problem?
many thanks,

xml file
<node label="interviewees" status="active" type="interviewee">
  <pers_data id="2" status="active" task="interviewee">
    <url path="/quirxi/qpers_data/2.xml" proto="file"/>
  <pers_data id="3" status="active" task="interviewee">
    <url path="/quirxi/qpers_data/3.xml" proto="file"/>
  <pers_data id="4" status="active" task="interviewee">
    <url path="/quirxi/qpers_data/4.xml" proto="file"/>

the pers_data files look like
<pers_data task="interviewee" id="2" status="active">
<school>htl imst</school>

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Rottweilerstra_e 29
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