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[xsl] xpath notation - and operator

Subject: [xsl] xpath notation - and operator
From: "Markus Hanel" <markus.hanel@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 08:01:40 +0100 (MET)


I want to count the following-sibling nodes "pers_data" in an xml file,
which have two elements given by variables; the categories change also,
therefore they are also given as variables.
for example: all pers_data nodes, which have the division "Innenausbau" and
the group "group1"

$category] = $element and *[name()= $category_before] = $element_before])">

I am not shore that the and operator has the rigth notation. Can anyone give
my an help to solve the problem?
many thanks,

xml file
<node label="interviewees" status="active" type="interviewee">
  <pers_data id="2" status="active" task="interviewee">
    <url path="/quirxi/qpers_data/2.xml" proto="file"/>
  <pers_data id="3" status="active" task="interviewee">
    <url path="/quirxi/qpers_data/3.xml" proto="file"/>
  <pers_data id="4" status="active" task="interviewee">
    <url path="/quirxi/qpers_data/4.xml" proto="file"/>

the pers_data files look like
<pers_data task="interviewee" id="2" status="active">
<school>htl imst</school>

Mag. Markus Hanel
Rottweilerstra_e 29
A-6460 IMST
0650 - 7847941

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