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[xsl] How do I sort using formula?

Subject: [xsl] How do I sort using formula?
From: Vanessa Vendruscolo Nihues <vanessa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:09:27 -0300


I created a table with the following fields:
1. Vendor's code
2. Vendor's name
3. Quantity of orders: count(orders)
4. Total of orders: sum(orders/total)

When the user clicks on the header of the table he can sort that column. In 
the xls I wrote:

<td title="Click here to sort this column" align="center"><div class="header" 
onClick="sort('code', 'number')">Code</div></td>

And to sort:

        <xsl:sort select="*[name() = $FieldSort]" data-type="{$FieldType}" />

It works to vendor's code and name, because "code" and "name" are tags in 
the xml. But how can I sort the quantity and total of orders?

I am using MSXML.

Thanks in advance,

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