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RE: [xsl] generic sort based on attribute names

Subject: RE: [xsl] generic sort based on attribute names
From: "Chaitanya Desai" <cdesai@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 02:30:32 -0800

what about XSLT 2.0 ? Any handy features ?

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From: Joris Gillis [mailto:roac@xxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [xsl] generic sort based on attribute names

Tempore 11:19:45, die 01/23/2005 AD, hinc in
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> thanks for the response. But the collective string lengths are not the
> same.
I feared so...
> In fact I just gave an example here. I have no a priori knowledge of
> what the XML looks like. All I know is that the 'concatenated name-value
> pairs for all attributes sorted' needs to be the key for sorting.
I don't see any universally working solution in pure XSLT1.0 at the moment.
Is it allowed to use extension functions? An 'xx:node-set()' function can
be put to use here to let it work...

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