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Re: [xsl] Help Stepping through XML nodes back and forward

Subject: Re: [xsl] Help Stepping through XML nodes back and forward
From: António Mota <amsmota@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 11:00:08 +0000

If you hate it, leave it...

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 19:21:35 +0000, Paul Hart <atomicjeep@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Firstly let me say I hate XSLT, sometimes it easy then other times its
> just plain confusing!!
> Heres my problem.
> I have an xml doc(navigation.xml), which is the basis for navigation
> between pages in our site.  I'm adding various types of additional
> navigation up,home etc as options which can be turned on/off.
> Iv been asked to add a linear hierarchical navigation option (Back & Forward)
> Im passing in the current page id (tcm attribute) then I need to find
> the current page check if its published and also order the page nodes
> (order attribute), so it needs to be able to navigate
> siblings/children/parents etcl and check when it reaches the start/end
> etc..
> To summarize its a next and back button functionality I want on each page.
> XML Parser is MSXML + vanilla asp
> Any help at all would be greatly appreciated
> A sample of the xml is included below:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <webstructure pagecount="10" lastmodified="19/01/2005 15:07:52">
>         <page title="tcm:4-148994-64" tcm="Home" channel="10"
> att4="/lts/testbed/index.asp" att5="Yes" att6="Young people" att7=""
> att8="True">
>                 <page tcm="tcm:4-148994-64" title="Home" order="10"
> filename="/lts/testbed/index.asp" leftmenu="Yes" titleattribute="Young
> people" accesskey="" published="True"/>
>                 <page tcm="tcm:4-148843-64" title="level1" order="0"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level1/index.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True">
>                         <page tcm="tcm:4-148844-64" title="page1" order="1"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level1/page1.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
>                         <page tcm="tcm:4-148845-64" title="page2" order="2"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level1/page2.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
>                         <page tcm="tcm:4-148846-64" title="page3" order="3"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level1/page3.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
>                 </page>
>                 <page tcm="tcm:4-148847-64" title="level2" order="0"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level2/index.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True">
>                         <page tcm="tcm:4-148848-64" title="page1" order="1"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level2/page1.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
>                         <page tcm="tcm:4-148849-64" title="page2" order="2"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level2/page2.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
>                         <page tcm="tcm:4-148850-64" title="page3" order="3"
> filename="/lts/testbed/level2/page3.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
> titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
>                 </page>
>         </page>
> </webstructure>

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