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[xsl] Help Stepping through XML nodes back and forward

Subject: [xsl] Help Stepping through XML nodes back and forward
From: Paul Hart <atomicjeep@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 19:21:35 +0000

Firstly let me say I hate XSLT, sometimes it easy then other times its
just plain confusing!!
Heres my problem.
I have an xml doc(navigation.xml), which is the basis for navigation
between pages in our site.  I'm adding various types of additional
navigation up,home etc as options which can be turned on/off.
Iv been asked to add a linear hierarchical navigation option (Back & Forward)

Im passing in the current page id (tcm attribute) then I need to find
the current page check if its published and also order the page nodes
(order attribute), so it needs to be able to navigate
siblings/children/parents etcl and check when it reaches the start/end

To summarize its a next and back button functionality I want on each page.

XML Parser is MSXML + vanilla asp

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

A sample of the xml is included below:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<webstructure pagecount="10" lastmodified="19/01/2005 15:07:52">
	<page title="tcm:4-148994-64" tcm="Home" channel="10"
att4="/lts/testbed/index.asp" att5="Yes" att6="Young people" att7=""
		<page tcm="tcm:4-148994-64" title="Home" order="10"
filename="/lts/testbed/index.asp" leftmenu="Yes" titleattribute="Young
people" accesskey="" published="True"/>
		<page tcm="tcm:4-148843-64" title="level1" order="0"
filename="/lts/testbed/level1/index.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True">
			<page tcm="tcm:4-148844-64" title="page1" order="1"
filename="/lts/testbed/level1/page1.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
			<page tcm="tcm:4-148845-64" title="page2" order="2"
filename="/lts/testbed/level1/page2.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
			<page tcm="tcm:4-148846-64" title="page3" order="3"
filename="/lts/testbed/level1/page3.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
		<page tcm="tcm:4-148847-64" title="level2" order="0"
filename="/lts/testbed/level2/index.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True">
			<page tcm="tcm:4-148848-64" title="page1" order="1"
filename="/lts/testbed/level2/page1.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
			<page tcm="tcm:4-148849-64" title="page2" order="2"
filename="/lts/testbed/level2/page2.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>
			<page tcm="tcm:4-148850-64" title="page3" order="3"
filename="/lts/testbed/level2/page3.asp" leftmenu="Yes"
titleattribute="" accesskey="" published="True"/>

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