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Re: AW: [xsl] free XMLSpy version and xalan

Subject: Re: AW: [xsl] free XMLSpy version and xalan
From: Katharina Kreis <katharinakreis@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 15:27:39 +0100

Hi Roman,

in the Home Edition there is no XSL tab under Tools/Options.


Huditsch Roman schrieb:

Hi Katharina,

Although I am using the Professional Editon, it should be quite easy to use any XSLT processor with XML Spy.
Under "Tools/Options" you should be able to find an "XSL" section,
which allows you to choose between the Altove XSLT processor engine,
MSXML or any other external processor.




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Betreff: [xsl] free XMLSpy version and xalan


I use the free XMLSpy software to work with my stylesheets. Now I need to use the Xalan processor for my transformation because I use some extensions and they only work with Xalan.

How can I use Xalan there? In the free edition I found no possibility to change the processors.


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