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Re: [xsl] Comparing node for identity using union

Subject: Re: [xsl] Comparing node for identity using union
From: António Mota <amsmota@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 13:01:52 +0000

Well, when i say it's a bug i'm basing myself on the fact that i've
tryed my xslt with MSXML3, MSXML4, Xalan, Saxon6.5.3, Saxon8.1B,
Xsltproc, and using Javascript /Sarissa DomDocument.transformNodeTo
Object and XSLTProcessor.transformToDocument and this problem occurs
ony when using this last one. But what do i know...

The $pos is defined like 

	<xsl:param name="pos" select="0"/>

and i'm passing the value from Javascript

The sugestion from Jonis also work OK

	<xsl:variable name="snode" select="(//Menu)[number($pos)]"/>


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