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Re: [xsl] selecting HTML Options

Subject: Re: [xsl] selecting HTML Options
From: Daniel Bibbens <dbibbens@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 22:17:01 -0800

Chris_Graham@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>         One problem though, all of my XSL and your XML is being pulled 
> from a resource bundle inside a jar file, so would this work?
> -Chris

My recollection on this is foggy (I'm too, bitter w/ Java and am forcibly
repressing bad memories). As I recall it, yes, the java.net API
includes a 'jar://' protocol and I think the implementation of Xalan
or Xerces (I forget which one does the URL call) will pull from a

Are you calling this from in a place where you can construct a
'new URL()'? I would consult the relevant API Docs to verify
this. Others on this list more current on Java impls. may be of more

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