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[xsl] selecting non tags

Subject: [xsl] selecting non tags
From: Mygrp <mdgroups@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 11:45:51 +0530

Mygrp <mdgroups@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I want to write an XSL that will produce an html page frm this xml.
> however i want to retrieve the text between &lt;b&gt;   and
> :&lt;/b&gt;
> How is this possible thro XSL?

> <xsl:value-of
>     select="substring-after(substring-before('/b&gt;'), 'b&gt;')"/>

I also have a sequence like this


Where the tags or sequence before and after the 'content' are not the
same. how can content be retrieved in this case ?

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