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[xsl] Comparisons

Subject: [xsl] Comparisons
From: Marcos Hercules Sant <mhercules@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 19:01:30 -0200

Hi, Michael Kay  

 I'm working with  two files that compares one another, my principal 
file works with bibliographics references and I'm trying to do a
statisticall by year of kind of used material(books, review, CDs,
etc), part of my file seems like this:

               <author>Kruscher, John</author>

When I do the comparison for type it returns a wrong countings, 
when I use isbn to book and ISSN to reviews it brings me the right countings.

 I've got get the counting for CDs and others , but these don't have a
Number .

My question  Is there any other way to comparing these elements, a
function,... anything ?

Marcos Hercules

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