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Re: [xsl] Character substitution

Subject: Re: [xsl] Character substitution
From: Jim Fuller <jim.fuller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 12:58:29 -0500

No. ANSI is the American standards body that represents USA in ISO.
Windows-1258 is a private encoding invented by some company in Seattle.
These can't be the same thing, surely.

now david you know the problems us yanks have with identifying sarcasm....which is why I would suggest in the future the well known <sarcasm/> element.

btw the same forgiveness occurs when using &#8364; ....it renders into euro symbol in Mozilla when char encoding is ISO-8859-1...I must admit that I find it difficult to determine the default behavior.

arghhhh, same results though.....oh well I now work in Czech crowns....though this will change to the euro soon......dearie me.

regards, Jim Fuller

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