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[xsl] Retrieving Distinct text

Subject: [xsl] Retrieving Distinct text
From: "Keyur K" <kkeyur@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 05:43:32 +0000


I need some help on how to retrieve distinct text from a node set. I tried the suggestion posted on http://www.biglist.com/lists/xsl-list/archives/199907/msg00225.html but it didnt work out, it gives me an error msg "'from-following-siblings' is not a valid XSLT or XPath ". I am using the MSXML parser.

I need to extract the medicines ABC and XYZ from my nodeset given below.

	<medication id="1">

	<medication id="2">

	<medication id="3">


Pl. advice.

Thanks & Regards,

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