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[xsl] Diploma thesis --> XML to PDF, HTML and Word 2003

Subject: [xsl] Diploma thesis --> XML to PDF, HTML and Word 2003
From: senetex@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 20:59:07 +0100


I want to use this thread for all my questions about my diploma thesis, so i
won't produce a thread garbage ;)

Is it possible to put a fo:table inside an other fo:table --> fo:table node
inside a fo:table-cell node??

An other question about Apache FOP 0.2.5: I hope someone is using this tool! I
have an XML file witch i tranform with an XSL file into XSL:FO and as a result
into PDF. The output file should contain a fo:table with header and footer but
only the header is in the output file. I checked the XML output (raw xsl:fo
code) with XALAN and the fo:table-footer node is parsed trough but is not in the
PDF! What could be the error?

The XML input file contains tags with specific attributes about the position
inside the table --> dbOutputYPos for the row and dbOutputXPos for the cell.
These tags are unsorted in the file. With xsl:sort it is easy to sort them, but
i need to compare always the actual node with the previous one with XPATH
syntax. But this happens with document order and not with the sorted one! Is
there any possibility to change that?

I hope my questions are clear, sorry for the bad english, but I am from Austria ;)

Greetings SeNeTeX

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