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[xsl] XML / XSL Editors

Subject: [xsl] XML / XSL Editors
From: António Mota <amsmota@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 16:51:36 +0000


I just change my email address, i was formerly xptm@xxxxxxxx

First, let me tell i did search the archives for this but didn't find
satisfactory information. I didn't search google cause i believe i
only find info from vendors.

So here it is the question: My boss wants me to evaluate a XML / XSL
Editor in order to aquire some licenses (+-5) of the selected one. I
have limited knowdeledge of XML/XSL and XPath (6 moths) very little of
DTD and practically none on Schema, XQwery, XInclude and things that
start with X. This meaning i don't now exactly what to look for in
such a editor, so i'll try to describe our intended use.

We want to define some XML strucutures, with nested nodes (recursive
was the word my boss used but i don't think it's correct).

We need to enforce some list of possible values on some nodes, both on
creation and edition.

We want to edit(insert) / visualize the XML in a tree-like (hierarqly)
view. We want to copy&paste or move chunks of nodes alongside the
nested tree.

The insertion/editing should be in a "form-like" manner, with
conboboxes to the "constrainted" nodes.

Since you have a lot of info on mdb database, some kind of mapping
would be good, but it's not mandatory. Also, in XSLT processing i'll
acess many data that probably remain in db.

Since for our next projects were bounded to XSL 1.0, there's no need
to 2.0 support, but i would very like to have it.

Also, if you have some sugestions on another features you think are
important please let me know.

So what Editors would people on the list recomend?

Thanks in adavance.

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