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[xsl] Accessing Dynamic URL for Image Path

Subject: [xsl] Accessing Dynamic URL for Image Path
From: "Joe Heidenreich" <HeidenreichJ@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:54:58 -0400

Accessing Dynamic URL for Image Path

I'm trying to get my images to appear in my XML to HTML transform. I'm having
trouble identifying and printing the URL to the image. This URL is dynamic,
depending on which file I am transforming. Basic directory structure is:

/root: contains the stylesheet.xsl and the view.asp page
/article-number/: contains the article XML and image files



The view page is passed the article number through the querystring:

It also sets up a variable image_path = /article1/

and that is the relative URL. I'm updating a previous transform which was set
up this way. It accessed the graphic files by opening them in a new window and
was able to access the image_path variable through a javascript
document.writeln() call. However, that was embedded in a javascript function
which was activated through a link and I'm using inline images now instead of
opening a new window so the old approach won't work. I may need to try an
entirely different approach.

My transform looks like this:

<xsl:template name="fig" match="fig">
<img src="/{@file_name}"/>

and I need to insert the URL here:

<img src="/URL/{@file_name}"/>

This seems to be a simple matter, but I've been unable to find out how to
insert it. I've read people suggesting to pass the value in as a hard coded
parameter but since the directory structure is dynamic that won't work. Is
there a way to access the ASP variable image_path within the XSLT transform?
Any other suggestion would also be appreciated. Thanks! And unfortunately, the
DTD we use requires XSLT v 1.0.

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