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RE: [xsl] Using a custom URIResolver

Subject: RE: [xsl] Using a custom URIResolver
From: Björn Boxstart <Boxstart@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 08:32:47 +0200

Hello Dave and Michael,

Thanks for your reactions. Please note my comments below.

Dave Pawson wrote:
>Shows a resolver example from Rober Koberg

I don't have a problem with creating a custom URI resolver. I already have done this and it works fine in other cases. The thing is that I also want to use the behaviour of the default URI resolver and only want to use my custom methods in case the default URI resolver fails. The example shows a complete custom URI resolver.

Michael Kay wrote:
>In Saxon, calling getURIResolver() on the Transformer object will give = you the standard URI resolver if no user-defined
>URIResolver has been set; however, the JAXP specification isn't explicit that this is what should happen,
>and I've no idea if Xalan does the same.

I've already tried what the getURIResolver() method in Xalan does when you haven't first set a custom URI resolver. It returns null and therefore I can't use the example of Michael. Of course I could switch to Saxon, but I'm already using Xalan for other actions in the same project and I don't want to use more software than necessary.
However, this raised the idea to check if there already is a URI resolver (default) implementation in the Saxon source and use this to create a custom URI resolver for Xalan. In the Xalan source I can't find anything like this.

Because I don't think that this is the most preferrable solution, better ideas are always welcome!


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