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[xsl] Input form from schema - indexable parameter

Subject: [xsl] Input form from schema - indexable parameter
From: "Andrew Maclean" <andyjmaclean@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 11:19:43 +0000

Dear all,

I am attempting to write an XSLT sheet that will generate HTML from an XML schema. The idea is that if the schema xsd is ever modified, the HTML form used to submit XML documents will adapt automatically, ensuring incoming documents are always schema valid.

My plan is to use the first pass of the processor (I'm using 4Suite) to look up any complex-types in the schema. It will use attributes to determine what kind of HTML fields should be used to capture the data of these complex types. Subsequent passes of the processor will then deal with the actual elements - if it comes across an element with a base type "myType" it can look up data obtained from the first pass, and so find out what HTML it is to output.

Needed is an example of how to store and retrieve data in an indexable parameter. I would like to create "myTypes" as an indexable array of variables and then later request ones that correspond to the parameter "myName". I've got the gist of the syntax to be used when dealing with schema and not just normal XML docs, but I'm stumped as to theindexable parameter. I would include an exampel of what I've been doing but I've been trying hundreds of things, and wouldn't know which to send.

Any advice on this would be greatly welcomed,


Mr Andrew Maclean

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