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[xsl] Continue seqlist numbering

Subject: [xsl] Continue seqlist numbering
From: "Norma Yeazell" <Nyeazell@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 10:51:46 -0500

I have two seqlist lists in a row in my xml like:
<item>this is item 1</item>
<item>this is item 2</item>
<item>this is item 3</item>
<item>this is item 1</item>
<item>this is item 2</item>
<item>this is item 3</item>
I can get it to number them but I need the second list to be numbered
starting with the last item from the first list.
I've tried <xsl:number count="item" level="multiple" format="1.1.1"/>
for the second list but I'm still getting 1.2.3.
The outcome should look like.
1. this is item 1
2. this is item 2
3. this is item 3
    3.1. this is item 1
    3.2. this is item 2
    3.3. this is item 3
Any help is appreciated.

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