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RE: [xsl] xsl/xslt coding standard

Subject: RE: [xsl] xsl/xslt coding standard
From: "James Fuller" <james.fuller@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 10:12:25 +0100

Morning David ( handing you cup o tea ),

will incorporate your comments,

> Hang on Jim, you were suggesting above, to allow one of many documentation
> formats? XHTML as the default perhaps?

yes, let me explain......

you may define a module within XHTML, which can then augment lets say XHTML
Basic or any of the other flavors....

so I am creating a DTD that works as an XHTML module and am creating a
standalone module with additional XML Schema definition.

> Good point. Highly likely too with xhtml. Suggestions to get round this?
> I'd (fairly naturally) put the ns in the stylesheet element.

actually i don't have much of a problem against it, I quess I am worried
about adding attributes ad infinitum to xsl:stylesheet.....so I came up with
the idea of grouping namespaces and associating them with some sort of built
in template analogy...but of course this needs some real thinking, so in the
short term I'm fine with adding a new attribute to xsl:stylesheet.

nearly done with first draft....will leave out EXSLT reference and propose
in document/exslt list for now; I like the suggestion.

cheers, jim fuller

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