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[xsl] how to seperate sequence?

Subject: [xsl] how to seperate sequence?
From: "Thomas Sandor" <tsandor@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 11:25:46 +0200

hi all,

Does anybody have and idea how to seperate a <para/> list so that every
second (or third) <para> will go to another column (<td/>) in a table?

e.g.: XML look like:
    <para>some text 1</para>
    <para>some text 2</para>
    <para>some text 3</para>
    <para>some text 4</para>
    <para>some text 5</para>

and the output should look like:

some text 1        some text 2
some text 3        some text 4
some text 5

How can I use e.g. a 'xsl:if test = "position() mod 2 == 0"' expression, or
does anyone have a better way to do it?

Thanks in advance.


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