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RE: [xsl] Netscape XSL and ' charcter

Subject: RE: [xsl] Netscape XSL and ' charcter
From: "Deshpande, Gururaj" <gururaj.deshpande@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:02:59 -0400

Hi folks,

We have to conclude here that (for the time being) Netscape, XSLT (client
side) and Javascript do not get along. Thanks every body for  all the
valuable inputs. Let carry on.....



> From:	Joerg Heinicke [SMTP:joerg.heinicke@xxxxxx]
> I can not understand, why so many try to do client transformation at the
> moment.
	[Gururaj]  If it is application requirement, we have do it that way

> And from Netscape 6 you can't demand real XSLT. NS 6.0 completely not,
> because the corresponding Mozilla Version was 0.6. NS 6.1 (Mozilla 0.9.1)
> was the first version with rudimentary XSLT support. NS 6.2 (Mozilla
> 0.9.4)
> is only 3 months newer and of course not perfect. Even with the current
> Mozilla 0.9.9 I have a few problems, mostly with styles. So wait for
> Mozilla
> 1.0 or (a few weeks later) NS (I assume 6.3) for better XSLT support.
> So wait for Mozilla 1.0 or next NS and you will have less problems. If you
> want to try already now, use at least the current version of Mozilla and
> not
> one, which is a half year old.
	[Gururaj]  Customers and Application dead lines will never wait !!!

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