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RE: [xsl] Netscape XSL and ' charcter

Subject: RE: [xsl] Netscape XSL and ' charcter
From: "Deshpande, Gururaj" <gururaj.deshpande@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 09:53:40 -0400

> [Deshpande, Gururaj]
> > Your solutions don't work on both Netscape and IE. Both show XML
> > source file. When you say mozilla, I suppose it is not Netscape.
> > I can't use Mozilla as I have to write code for IE and Netscape
> > only.
> >
> Netscape 6+ is basically Mozilla with a few extras in the UI wrapper.
> Mozilla is always more developed than Netscape 6.x.  Today's Mozilla will
> be
> tomorrow's Netscape 6.y.  Thus, xslt support is more developed and less
> buggy in Mozilla 0.9.9  (the current version) than in Netscape 6.2 (I
> don't
> recall now whether Netscape 6.2 actually contains TransforMiix - the xslt
> processor - or whether you have to install it yourself).
> I look at the current Netscape versions as beta versions.  Which version
> on
> Netscape do you think you should be supporting?
	[Gururaj]  I have to write for Netscape 6.x. How and from where do I
get TransforMiix - xslt processor ?



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