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[xsl] Netscape and Data Islands

Subject: [xsl] Netscape and Data Islands
From: "Deshpande, Gururaj" <gururaj.deshpande@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 19:31:48 -0400

This question is about Netscape 6.2

How do we use Data islands ie. XSL processed HTML output embedded in HTML
file in Netscape.

We can do the same on IE as following
<XML id="source" src="search.xml"></XML>
<XML id="style" src="search.xsl"></XML>

and then  use javascript

 xslTarget.innerHTML = source.transformNode(style.XMLDocument);

and then display HTML using

<DIV id="xslTarget"></DIV>
Example for Data Islands on MSDN:

Can this be done in Netscape ?  How ? I want to client side transformation
with XML, XSL files, javascript and browser (Netscape)



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