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RE: Newbie question

Subject: RE: Newbie question
From: "Tom Gaven" <tgaven@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 10:28:05 -0400

Are there any samples that show the output of the XSL transformation being
manipulated by a Java
applet to dynamically alter the HTML on the client side?

The MS site shows some JavaScript, but not Java.

Also, is the general idea of XT/XP to transform the XML/XSL into HTML on the
server, then serve up
straight HTML to the client? I realize that XT/XP could pump out any kind of
format, not just HTML.

Can XP/XT also be used from a Java Applet for client side
parsing/manipulation inside, say, IE5?
If so, what would be the benefits of using XT over IE5's internal parser.

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> : > Hi all,
> : >
> : > I am brand new to XML and I want to write some web server
> components of
> : > some kind that will serve up HTML pages from XML data sources...using
> : > XSL style sheets to form them.  I guess that means i need to
> use java or
> : > perl or something to read the XSL and XML and output HTML.  But
> : > hopefully I can find something that already knows how to do
> : > this.....making it very easy to create a web server component that
> : > basically can be modified by simply updating the style sheets.
> : >
> : > What do I need to use? I've heard mention of a number of different
> : > products out there.  Which one does what I'm looking for?
> : >
> : > Thanks in advance
> : >
> : > -steve
> I am currently using IE5 to render XML with XSL, but many of the folks on
> here use a combination of XP and XT by James Clark.  You will need to use
> Java if you want to make html on the fly out of XML+XSL.  When I
> start using
> XT&XP, I will be using a Perl script to grab the html from XT,
> but you could
> use nearly any language, like C, Java, Python, PHP(?), Tcl, or even shell
> languages.
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