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White spaces and tabs in XSL

Subject: White spaces and tabs in XSL
From: "Joseph Alex" <alex_jos@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 03:08:00 PDT


I have seen similar issues being raised before, but not exactly an 
answer to my requirement. I need the XSL output to be properly 
formatted, ie with white spaces, tabs etc for indenting and properly 
placing it inside the tabular cells etc. I am working exclusively on 
the IE5, and server side conversion for other browsers. Is there any 
neat way of doing this in XSL? I tried &nbsp; , returning empty 
string from <xsl:eval> etc basic stunts, but no success. Also 
<xsl:entity-ref> doesn't seem to be supported by IE5 presently. (even 
if it were, i don't know how to use it :-))) If anybody could tell me 
how to do this, it would be extremely useful.

Thank you very much,


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