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Re: Doubts regarding XSL and DOM

Subject: Re: Doubts regarding XSL and DOM
From: "Amit Rekhi" <amitr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 12:22:49 +0530

Hi! Joe,

>That's an implementation detail for the XSL processor, right? XSL doesn't
>_have_ to use the Document Object Model as a back-end; an implementation
>could use its own internal representation instead.
Agreed, it is an implementation issue and XSL could use DOM at a lower level
to extract selective information out of the source XML tree.

After having gone through the XSL match and select pattern rules as defined
I had a few doubts. I would be grateful if someone could help me clear my
concepts :-

DOUBT 1 :- I was wondering whether I could do all that with XSL patterns
that I could achieve with DOM?

DOUBT 2:-  Does the XSL pattern mechanism give us the the type of freedom of
tree traversal that  the DOM interfaces give us?
For eg. let's assume I want to traverse the entire source tree for some
reason. Now , using DOM this is easily possible using iterators and other
interfaces DOM gives us. (I still have not gone through the DOM spec .
properly to be giving exact interfaces, But I do know that such interfaces
How would such a process be achieved using XSL pattern rules?

DOUBT 3 :- What I am trying to get at is that DOM gives us interfaces that
apply at a lower level than the XSL pattern syntax, but then does XSL take
care of all the types of traversals that DOM caters to?
XSL gives us a mechanism of finding element blocks  within a source XML
document and instantiating templates w.r.t the elements found but can it
traverse the tree the way DOM does it?

DOUBT 4:- Why do not we have DOM interfaces as a part of the XSL spec. along
with pattern match syntax, so that I can serve both my purposes :-
1)  I have freedom to traverse the tree the DOM way.
2)  I can also benefit from XSL syntax as and when I wish tree

                        Thanks in advance for any answers ,


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