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Doubts regarding XSL and DOM

Subject: Doubts regarding XSL and DOM
From: "Amit Rekhi" <amitr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 15:32:27 +0530

            I had posted a ques. along similar lines yesterday, but this one
is a little more detailed to help me get my point across.
            Suppose I have an XML file say A.xml:-
            <greeting>Hello XSL!</greeting>

            and with it is an XSL stylesheet say A.xsl:-
             <xsl:template match= ?greeting?>
                <fo:block color= ?red? font-size=?16pt?>

            Now when the XSL processor needs to check the A.xml for finding
the existence of the element <greeting> it needs to query the source tree.
            * Am I right?
            One way to query the source tree would be to use "standardised
            * So does XSL use DOM to query the source XML tree for finding
matches in pattern rules?

                                    Thanks in advance for any answers,



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